Lambda Expressions and Examples

Anonymous Methods to Lambda Expressions
Pretty neat stuff, C# 3.0

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Removing the Flash Player Plug-in on a Macintosh

Recently i had to test some javascript flash detection scripts we are using to swap out flash content if a user does not have flash.

I downloaded the Macormedia Flash Detection Kit and incorpoated the scripts into a utils.js file i had for my application.
It all seemed to work fine, rendering the flash content across all browsers on both PC's and MAC's.

I removed the Flash Player from my PC easily enough, using another MM official un-installer and re-tested. Voila my JS rendered a nice img tag in place of the flash movie. Sweet.

So i moved over to our beast G5 and removed flash using the MAC version of the MM official un-installer. I then went to our staging site and was greeted with the Safari error message "This webpage attempted to load the Shockwave Flash Player plug-in but failed" (or something like that).

After a couple hours of spinning my wheels i threw some alerts into the MM javascripts. What did i find but the scripts were still detecting the flash plugin as being there. So the MM un-installer did not completely remove the plug-in.

I located the plug-in at : LIBRARY > INTERNET PLUG-INS
and manually removed the file : Flash Player.Enabler.plugin which the MM unistaller does not remove.

Thats that now the MAC displays the gif backup images in place of the Flash file, and it wasn't my code after all! (for once!)


Deep linking to flash from HTML

Someone needed this today:

Flash Hacks from O'Rielly

Found this interesting article off
thought it's worth posting although its O'rielly sample chapters the tips and tricks can help any Flasher out.


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New Site Launch

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