Adobe Certified Flash 8 Developer

Yesterday i took and passed the Adobe certification exam for Macromedia Flash 8.
Overall the exam went pretty well and i got a good mark. So i am now an Adobe ACE (i think) for MM Flash 8. One thing to note for anyone going to take the exam is this Flash 8 exam is a combination of both design and development disciplines. Unlike the Flash MX 2004 Exams or previous flash exams, there is no "Designer" or "Developer" route to go down, both are in one exam. So make sure to brush up on your development and coding if you are a designer or brush up on your design if you are a developer.



Free Web Services

this forum post from has many, many free web services available that you can use from flash.

AS.Org link: link

more web services link

and here



Protecting .swf files

This link has an interesting article about protecting your .swf files. We all know that you cant really completely protect your .swf files, and i have never met a .swf i can't crack. But there are a few good points about how you can make it more secure, and what NOT to put inside it.